Welcome to Aimselect Energy Recruitment

Aimselect is a global recruitment, talent and search consultancy that supports the growth of forward-thinking businesses of all sizes. AER provides technical & managerial professionals on a permanent and freelance basis into the Energy industry, creating a positive transformation across a range of the following sectors: Utilities & Smart, Onshore & Offshore Wind, Tidal, Solar and Biomass. Above all AER embraces sustainability, responsibility and adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics as a result we only partner organisations who share a similar philosophy.


The Energy industry is an integral foundation of the global economy, responsible for employing hundreds of thousands of professionals internationally. AER aims to play a key part in the transition from fossil fuel based systems to new sustainable alternative energy sources, which are backed by most G12 governments supporting commercial projects for expanding existing low carbon infrastructures. This long term structural change will take place over many years and we believe that alternative energy sources have an important role to play in the industry, to power the economic development being driven across the world by increased technological change. AER’s lasting relationships and large networks of registered professionals enables us to provide candidates into the Utilities & Smart, Onshore & Offshore Wind, Tidal, Solar and Biomass markets on an interim/contract and permanent staff basis.

Looking for People?

AER provides recruitment and consultative services for our clients, through the sourcing and mobilisation of leading industry professionals – this includes full candidate care with an in-house team dedicated to our contractors. We do not endorse to winning business at all costs, so therefore we only commit to projects which we are confident we can deliver on.

Looking for work?

AER focuses on, but are not limited to, placing mid to senior level positions along with skilled technical niche roles. We work to build lasting relationships with our candidates, based on trust and transparency throughout the entire workflow process. We understand that candidates want to be listened to, and we will endeavour to match your skillset accordingly.


Executive search

AER provide search assignments when the position is business critical, and when it is essential to hire the most skilled and qualified individuals in the marketplace. Often these highly competent and qualified individuals with the ability to delivery results are content in their current role and not generally looking to move. It takes active knowledge to identify them and to make them consider new opportunities. Our network has been developed on a long-term trusting relationship, therefore we know how to aim and select the most sought after individuals in the industry and more importantly, we have the knowledge of what opportunities will tempt them. Our rigorous process ensures that we offer our clients the very best talent within their market.


AER consulting delivers a range of advisory, management and support solutions to meet our client’s strategic business requirements. We provide advice and use our candidate network to implement the correct personnel to help our client meet its business objectives. We diagnose problems, and recommend more effective and efficient ways of operating a project. AER Consulting works and delivers as a subcontractor with a fixed fee, once we have a full understanding of the projects requirements. With clarity on cost and the assurance of fully compliant professionals working on the project, our clients are freed up to focus on their core business while we take care of all project management. With our expert network we can put together teams for our clients with the right expertise and resources to deliver against an agreed scope of work, on time and within budget.