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Aimselect recognises that the future of energy generation is in Renewables. Our business model is in supporting the pace of change for ever evolving commercially viable industries supporting global carbon-emission reduction. We do this by providing the right people with the right skills and qualifications specific to role and responsibilities required.  This is why working closely with project management is intrinsic to efficient manpower planning, vetting and engagement. Clearly understanding our client’s needs and expectations is an essential function for seamless, consistent and effective delivery. The commercial success of alternative solutions for energy generation and renewables continues to expand upwards leading to more demand for professional skilled personnel. So whether you have an immediate requirement, looking to hire for the future or simply at planning level, we are happy to consult and tailor the right solution for your needs. As well having a top to bottom, 360 degrees solution based service, we are specialists in sourcing difficult to find key skilled personnel and managers to an executive level.

Geosea NV

To Whom It May Concern,

In my capacity as Works Manager I was involved directly with Aimselect during the execution of Kentish Flats Windfarm Extension for our Client Vattenfall over the summer of 2015.

During this time a Contract for the supply of Offshore Personnel to Geosea was agreed with Aimselect to support the Secondary Works principally executed from a Crew Transfer Vessel operating out of Sheerness Docks in Kent. The personnel consisted of a squad of personnel for Rope Access Works offshore, together with personnel for mechanical installation works, painting works, general labour and paint inspectors.

During my time as Works Manager on Kentish Flats Extension, I would note:

– A number of suitable candidates were put forward to us for the work squads, in fact we were able to select which personnel we had.

– The Personnel were made available to our required start date.

– The Personnel were all appropriately qualified and experienced for the work scope required offshore

– The Personnel were punctual, flexible, safety minded and willing to work both under direct Geosea supervision and when necessary with limited Geosea supervision.

– There were no significant issues onshore, offshore or domestically with the personnel during the works.

– Any issues arising with the personnel (mostly of a personal nature to a couple of the operatives) were swiftly resolved and other personnel made available as required.

– Additional personnel were available as and when required to accommodate peaks in work scope.

Given the above experience with Aimselect at Kentish Flats Extension I would consider them for competitively tendering to provide such services again on future contracts, particularly within the UK.


Works Manager –Geosea NV

GeoSea NV | Geotechnical & Offshore Solutions |

Siemens Wind Power

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to endorse Aimselect.
During the Westermeerwind project in the Netherlands there was a need for a large amount of HSE Advisors on Site. While preparing for the project there was contact with Aimselect to discuss if they could supply the sufficient amount of safety professionals which were needed to execute the project. 5 of the HSE Professionals came through Aimselect. I can honestly say that I will be more than happy to work with these same Advisors on future projects because of their knowledge as well as their complete professional attitude. During the project, I found that I was dealing with a professional company who took (according to all of the Advisors) care of their people in any way the needed. As far as I know most of the advisors are still in contact with them at this moment. At all times Aimselect were available and took care of travel, hotel or flight bookings at any hour.
In short; Highly professional people who take joy in their work while keeping a professional attitude and which I will be more than happy to work with again.
With best regards,
EHS Project manager
Siemens Wind Power
Westermeerwind EPC

Geosea NV

To whom it may concern,
After 12 years in the business there are very few recruiters for whom I would put my hand in the fire but Aimselect are for whom I would do so in the blink of an eye.
When I started as Recruiter on the Merkur project for GeoSea in July 2016, within the first weeks word got around and I started getting e-mails and phone calls from +25 suppliers/agencies one of those suppliers was Aimselect. At first I did not know Aimselect and I admit we had a disagreement over processes in the beginning, but once we clarified that things improved quickly.
Over these past three months Aimselect have proven again and again that they go the extra mile for their clients, they find candidates matching exactly the specifications we need in the project usually within hours of me providing them with the requirements. With regards to renewable project demands, I feel I can always rely on Aimselect coming up with candidates no matter the requirements of the project, be they location, language, specialisation, experience.
Aimselect comes up with creative solutions when other suppliers only provide the out-of-the-box options. Naturally as a consequence Aimselect have become one of my preferred suppliers and I am not in contact anymore with most of the other agencies that contacted me in the beginning.
As you might be able to imagine, it is not in my interest that you use Aimselect for your projects, if you do, they will have less time for me…
Kind regards | Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Recruiter HR Germany
GeoSea NV Branch Germany | Member of the DEME Group


My first encounter with Aimselect was at the start of our PSL review process, CWind’s intentions were to select between 4 to 5 external agencies to help service our resourcing requirements. The PSL process review resulted in Aimselect visiting our office, during their initial meeting their presentation and professionalism was second to none. Subsequently Aimselect has become our preferred supplier for external resource.
The dedication that Aimselect show to our resourcing needs has continued our relationship development and the candidates have been experienced and professional to match. Our open and honest working relationship has now developed into a friendship and partnership between the two companies.
Aimselect seems to be meeting all of our resourcing requirements without any need for us to approach other parties for resource. CWind is happy to recommend Aimselect to any company looking to break from the transitional “agency” approach and build a working partnership.
Technical Resource Manager

Jan de Nul

To whom it may concern,
We would like to thank Aimselect for the support on the Racebank offshore windfarm project in Sutton bridge UK.
We could always count on the accurate delivery and competency from Aimselect as an agency when requiring HSE personnel for the correct position in time.
Best Regards,
Project QHSSE Engineer Jan De Nul Group